On top of being Owner & CEO, Bill is also the Lead Listing Agent. He began his career in real estate in 1998 after his move to the Valley was preceded by a year-long motorhome trip around the country… with his family of 5! Bill has become one of the Top Selling Agents in the Greater Phoenix Area. He has built a solid reputation in the industry based on his vast knowledge, negotiation strategies, excellent customer care and integrity. He has a strong background in construction and leadership, allowing him to confidently guide clients throughout the process. It’s no surprise that those who have worked with Bill have said, “you’re the only one I trust” when it comes to real estate matters and the industry. He is very talented at renovating properties, and is always staying one step ahead as an avid reader. He is also known to ask restaurant staff if they have Boston cream pie regardless if it’s on the menu, or not. Bill was born and raised in Wisconsin, but is happy to call Gilbert, Arizona his home. He enjoys long walks with his wife, Irmie, and spending time with his children and grandchildren.

P: 602.570.9555

E: billolmstead@kw.com

Tracy JERZ

Tracy JERZ


Tracy, an owner and COO of the business, is a key component to its operational excellence since 2006. She closely tracks market trends, keeps the team informed of changes in real estate and continues to move the business forward with her innovative thinking. In her “down-time” she is managing budgets, developing business strategies, overseeing HR and implementing new program initiatives- all accomplished with seamless detail and organization. When it comes to the success behind our internal operations, we all point to Tracy. Tracy is a NAU alumnus with degrees in finance and management. She belongs to a running club and enjoys decorating, hiking and a good Caffe Americano. Tracy and her husband, Aaron reside in Tempe with their two awesomely cute boys, Zach and Brody.

P: 480.577.8880

E: tracyjerz@kw.com




Irmie is an owner, founding partner and the team’s CFO. She oversees the accounting operations, manages rental properties, participates on an HOA Board and processes payroll (needless to say, she is a team favorite!). You might not work directly with Irmie, but know that she is behind the scenes getting our financial ducks in an accounted for and accurate row. This wonder woman has worked in all levels of the business over the years from transaction manager, to showing homes and staging. With Canadian roots, Irmie can be found hosting friends and family during the winter months when our Arizona weather is most inviting. She enjoys time with her grandkids, volunteering at Church, spending time as a family, and traveling. She loves good coffee, encouraging women in their walk of faith, and being a support to those in her life.

P: 480.776.5288



Cheri is an owner and one of the founding members of the Olmstead Team. She is recognized for her 18 years of real estate experience that has successfully shaped the business into a top competitor. Cheri has extensive knowledge of the industry including loan programs, communities, and all facets of the real estate process. She never ceases to amaze us with her ability to retain details and information relating to the history of clients, transactions and properties- total recall at the drop of a dime (lucky us!). As the Chief Client Officer, she easily connects with clients by sharing her knowledge, her genuine interest to assist others and her ability to be open, honest and straightforward. Cheri is a talented baker (again, lucky us!) and she enjoys spending time with her family and reading. She resides in Gilbert, with her husband Josh and their three absolutely adorable children, Sophia, Ryan and Julia.

P: 480.703.1055

E: cheriberryman@kw.com




As a licensed Buyers Agent, Andy carefully listens and assesses each Buyer’s needs and works in partnership with clients to find the right home, negotiate on his client’s behalf, and skillfully represent them throughout the entire transaction. His commitment, and genuine interest to help others creates a positive experience for clients. Andy’s personal interests include a love for golf, all the meats, and finding new friends to beat at board games. His favorite architecture is from the 70’s and 80’s when there were planters in your sunken den, lily-pad wallpaper and pumpkin orange shag carpet (both in your living room and on the dash of your car). Can you tell he is our team’s provider of fun surprises and comic relief? Andy resides in Gilbert with his wife, Kristen, and they are parents to four wonderful and sweet children; Bailey, Malachi, Braden, and Gracie.

P: 480.653.7737

E: andy.brown@kw.com




Natalie, a licensed agent, oversees day to day business operations for the team. Her organizational and managerial skills are only part of what she brings to the table- she is the hub for business development, strategic planning, client events, and for making creative things happen. She develops new ways for the business to reach out to clients and community; she encourages and supports the team, sticks to a budget and stays on top of business activity with her favorite, Excel spreadsheets! Born and raised in Tempe, Natalie comes from a long Arizona lineage- nine generations deep! She enjoys taking on creative projects and sharing her artistic endeavors with others, especially with her son, Nathan and his wife Margaret, and her three daughters: Vanessa, Hayden and Cami.

P: 480.776.5288

E: nwisneski@kw.com

Tenisha GRANT

Tenisha GRANT


Tenisha, a licensed agent, assists in coordinating all the details of the transaction and works with all parties involved throughout the entire contract process. Her high integrity, extensive knowledge and excellent customer service will successfully guide you through all stages of the transaction. As if that weren’t enough, Tenisha also works with clients on listing preparations and the set-up of properties in the MLS, and she handles it all with a gracious demeanor. Tenisha was born in Alaska on Eielson Air Force Base and was chased by a moose on her bike at age 13- yikes! She has since lived in Idaho, Italy, England, and back to Alaska before making her way to Arizona. Tenisha has a heart of gold and is actively involved in her church’s student ministry, mentoring 11th and 12th grade girls.

P: 480.776.5288

E: contracts@olmsteadteam.com




Sheri has been with the Olmstead Team since 2013 and is blessed with an ironclad memory of Olmstead history relating to properties and clients. This, coupled with her high-level service and commitment to the client, makes her an asset to our clients and team. Sheri manages programs to elevate our client relationships, handles our social media outlets, and assists with new leads, listings, events and marketing materials. Born and raised as a third generation Arizonan, she has a love for the Valley and its history. Sheri also has a love for all things sports and when she isn’t enjoying a swim meet, baseball, or football game with her husband, Alan, she can be spotted chauffeuring her three amazingly active daughters, Taylor, Emma and Sarah.

P: 480.776.5288

E: admin@olmsteadteam.com

At the Olmstead Team we believe that real estate is one of your greatest investments. Our mission is to provide you with an honest, skilled and smooth transition of ownership, resulting in a rewarding experience. 

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